Friday, June 3, 2011

रामायणं - Ramayan

I have tried to put across the story of Ramayan in its shortest form.  Though the epic in itself is a big story with 4 different sections starting from Lord Ram's birth till he re-unites with his twin sons - Luv and Kush.  I had heard this in my childhood and I remembered the Story of Ramayan in this form as never had to remember all the shlokas of Ramayan.  I have also translated the Hindi or rather Sankrit to English for the benefit of Larger Audience

आदो राम तापोवानादिगमनम, (Lord Ram was born and went on the exile)
हत्वाम मृगां कान्च्नाम, (Killed the Golden Deer)
वैदेही हरणम, जटायु मरणं, (Lady Sita - his Wife, was abducted and the Kings of Vulture got killed)
सुग्रीव संभाषणं, बालीव निग्रणम (Lord Ram met Sugreev and Baali was killed to end the atrocities)
समुद्र तरणं, लंकापुरी दह्नम (They Crossed Sea to reach the City of Lanka, which was burnt to ashes)
रावन कुम्भकरणम हननं (Ravan and Kubhkaran were killed in the battle to free Lady Sita)
एताद्दै रामायणं|| (All this happened in the story of Ramayan)

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