Sunday, June 19, 2011

Replies and Answers

Most of the times when we express ourselves, people around retaliate. They hit back as they didn't expect us to express us in that particular manner. But are they right in doing so?? Yes they are, because our words act as The Catalyst for their reaction.

So what is the expected way to deal with such cases??? I would say there is none as I seriously believe in action to reaction theory. However is is wise to Not counter react, Not to get in explanation mode, Not to get in an arguments and no step that is going to inflat the situation. The best way to deal with such situation as per my opinion is to just apologize. If you guessed that I would say its to keep mum, then you were totally wrong. Keeping mum would just infuriate the person.

Apologizing may make you feel that your feeling that you expressed has not been valued, but that is not the real case. They are surely going to be valued if the person on the other side would understand them. Apologizing helps prevent an altercation and helps you prevent an ugly outcome to the situation.

If you think you have to explain the point to the person anyways, wait for the moment when the other person touches back on the point.

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