Thursday, June 9, 2011

The See-Saw Saga

Looking at Praveer, Nidhi got an impression that he is a bit too sad and is under too much a pressure.  She walked to him and called for him when she was near him. But, Praveer didn't react and she patted on his shoulder. Praveer didn't react to the patting also, which made Nidhi a bit uncomfortable as Praveer was her best buddy. She had found Praveer to be so honest and reliable that she trusted him to the core of her existence.  She was grateful to him to have helped her sort out her issues with her husband when she had caught her husband cheating on her. 

Today, the ever charming, ever smiling Praveer was sitting lost somewhere.  He was not responding to the people around, he was not responding to the music and the almost chaotic atmosphere of celebrations in the office.  Nidhi's mind was racing to trace the reason of the silence and deep thought Praveer seemed to be.  She could sense a sort of pain in Praveer's heart and she was getting sure that he is trying to accept something that he is not ready to accept.

Nidhi thought to leave him alone for a while, when Praveer's phone rang again for the nth time and the ringer was different one than the usual.  She sees Praveer reacting to the call and Praveer answers the call.  Nidhi approaches him once again as he disconnects the call and asks him as to what happened to him? where is he lost and what's up in his mind? Praveer tells her to leave him alone to which Nidhi says "No way Praveer.  You had been a helping hand to me in almost all my issues and today when you are in some sort of a problem, you want me to walk away and leave you on your own? This is not done, you have to share the problem with me and you have to share it now.  Come on, get up from here and lets go outside and discuss your issue."

Praveer gets up and they move out to the canteen of their office, which was relatively quiet. Nidhi probes Praveer again and Praveer replies - "Nidhi, I guess I am not destined to be in Love. My Destiny had been really rude and harsh with me and I never got anything that I loved or I wanted. My Destiny has always treated me like her Step Child.  I had to struggle and strive hard to get anything or everything in my life."  Praveer takes a pause and take a deep breath as Nidhi looks at him with puzzled looks. 

Praveer continues - "Nidhi, you don't know about my past, but well, I was in a relation for 6 yrs, but one fine day, the girl walks out of my life and gets married to someone else.  All this happened when I was not in the country for just 3 mths.  You would be surprised to note that we were engaged formally with acceptance from our family and when our marriage was fixed for the date a mth later to when she actually got married." 

Nidhi looks on his face trying to read his expressions as Praveer continues - "After that I had forgotten what love means and I just pushed myself to my work and showing around to the people that I am a Happy Go Lucky guy. Until recently when I happened to meet someone and felt the sting of love again.  When I discussed with my family about this the standard answer I got was that they would be happy to see me married and they would find a suitable match for me from the same caste.  I was devastated as I wanted to share my happiness with them and they dug a grave for the same happiness.  But I decided to give in to their views as from the point where they see, they see the last failed relationship that I had.  That time they had without any issues accepted my request and the things were all well set, but they didn't turn out the way they were supposed to be.  I am lost for the girl knows about my feelings and I am lost out on how to convey it to her or how to take things forward that my family agrees?"  Praveer completes his statement and looks at Nidhi.

Nidhi breaks her silence and says - "Praveer, I understand your point and I understand the point from where your family is coming from.  It is tough situation that you are in and I guess we will have to think around the problem. As you always tell me that every problem comes with a solution, so am sure there is a solution to this problem too."

Praveer retorts - "I dunno, but I guess, I am not supposed to be in love!!!"

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