Monday, June 13, 2011

The Voicemail

It was the Friday evening, the start of weekend when Palash returned home tired after a long and hard day at work. He just put his laptop bag on the center table in his living room and threw himself on the sofa. His house help came with water and Coffee for him as he lay there lazily closing his eyes and relaxing. He opened his eyes as he hear the voice of his house help - "Coffee Baba" and he thanked the chap saying - "Thanks Hari". Hari stood there as Palash drank water and handed over the glass waving at him to carry on the work. Hari left and as Palash picked up the coffee mug, his mobile rang and he answered the call - "Palash here", he was then heard saying "No man not possible, its been a tiring day for me and am all exhausted to think of stepping out of the house. You guys carry on." He hangs up the phone, finishes his coffee and moves to his room to take a nap.

He was later woken up by Hari to have dinner and as he gets up, he sees his voicemail device blinking to which he asks Hari if he had gone out as there is a voicemail. Hari replies - "I had gone out for some grocery shopping to the nearby shop and may be the call might have come during that period." Palash just thinks "wow the ring didn't disturb him and that means he slept deep. He gets up and decides to listen to the voicemail after dinner. He moves to freshen up telling Hari to arrange the dinner.

After dinner Palash comes back to check the voicemail and as he retrives the number he was a bit surprised to note an unknown number. He with a curiosity presses the button to retrieve the message as he settles in the bean bag kept there. The voice in the voice message turns out to be of a female and Palash gets shocked but recovers to hear the message - "Hey handsome, I was thinkig to catch you on the phone as you didn't go out tonight. I thought you would at least be available to chat on the phone, but it so seems that you been seriously tired to even answer the call. I thought you would remember my voice and so I thought to leave the message without my name. I also guess that you know how much do I like you? Hope you would return my call."

Palash was a little too surprised at the message and plays the message again to identify the voice. From the expressions on his face it is clear that he is trying to fish through his memory to identify the owner of th voice. One could sense his dilemma and that he is bothered. He once again replays the message and is seen a bit relaxed with a sarcastic smile on his face and he murmurs "Seems to be Vindya, Apoorva's friend." He switches off the playback and switches on the TV with expressions clearly telling that his mind is racing and he is thinking something..........

To be continued

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