Monday, June 27, 2011

Was She Playing?

Often most of us feel we are being loved and we are being cared for, same was the feeling that developed with Tapan when he met Shivangi.  His world changed and he was lost in the mesmerizing feeling of being loved.  He couldn't think of a single day or moment when Shivangi was not in his mind, his thoughts or his feelings.  Shivangi also loved the company of Tapan and used to enjoy the moments spent with him.  Though she was not sure what's it that makes her love Tapan's company, is it the "Suave" and "Gentle" behavior, or is it the knowledge or is it the respect that he otherwise commands at work.  But, yes Shivangi indeed loved to be in Tapan's company and loved to spend time with him.

Though Tapan was warned by his friends on not getting carried away for Shivangi's behavior in no way was confirming that she is in love with him, Tapan shrugged off those warnings and was just floating in his own world of love.  Something that he believed is meant for him.  He neither cared nor was he worried of the outcome, he just wanted to live his life in the moments. 

It was a ritual with Tapan to talk to Shivangi at their start of the day, post lunch, evening while heading home and then when it used to be the time to hit the sacks.  He had been ardently following this routine and Shivangi used to respond to all his calls and they used to spend quality time on the calls.  But, today was a bit different and Tapan was a lot restless from the time he woke up.  Shivangi's phone was unavailable and Tapan didn't know what to do.  His mind was racing in all the directions and he was just out of ideas on how to reach Shivangi.

Shivangi, on her side was unaware of her phone switching off due to low battery and just carried on with her daily chorus, she was least affected for not getting a call from Tapan this morning.  She finished of her morning chorus, got ready, picked her phone and other stuff and headed to work.  She still was unaware that her phone is switched off.

Tapan, now had lost his patience as being away from Shivangi and not able to talk to her had put him out of his wits.  He had already sent tens of messages and couple of emails to Shivangi, but there had been no response from Shivangi. 

Shivangi, in the meantime, reaches her office and sits down to check her office emails and messages. It is then she takes out her phone to make a call and realizes that its switched of due to low battery.  She plugs it to the charger and gets going with her work at office.  As the phone comes back to life, though all the messages from Tapan show up on her phone, she sort of gives them a slip due to her busy schedule. 

By the end of the day Shivangi was too tired to even realize that she has not spoken to Tapan for the entire day and she has not even bothered herself to check on him about his well being.  Tapan on his side lost out on the hope to be able to speak to Shivangi.  He just leaves his shoulders to drop as the feeling of resignation hits hims hard and he recalls all the suggestions and friendly advices from his friends.  

Shivangi on her way back home checks messages from Tapan and smiles at the contents and feelings embedded in the messages that made her feel wanted and cared for.  She thinks of calling Tapan, but then resigns the thought as she was dead tired and could not have faced the way Tapan would have spoken for the lost time et al. She reaches her home and gets busy with her house chorus, dinner and then catch up a good sleep to face another of her hectic schedule the next day.

Tapan gets irked and feels insulted by Shivangi's behavior and the proceedings of the day hit his ego hard.  All the advices and the suggestions made him feel like an idiot and insane, who just got played along.  His ego makes him decide and delete all the contact information of Shivangi, though he loved her to the core of his existence.  His ego ran through his sanity for him to act in a fashion that can be called totally irrational for the person who is in love, but ego is ego and can ruin the mightiest in the world.

Tapan, thus breaks his ritual and routine of daily conversation with Shivangi. On Shivangi's part, she had too hectic a schedule to follow and in that he didn't miss talking to Tapan, she was totally occupied with work to think of anything else.

It's been more than a month when Tapan though missed Shivangi, didn't have any of her contact information to be able to contact her. He felt miserable day by day and had totally submerged himself in his work.  He had not even logged in to check his personal emails and chat account for any message from Shivangi, as he thought when he deleted her from contacts, he might not receive messages from her. 

To Be Continued...........
If you get any thought on the way this fiction may proceed, please do let me know through our comments.  Though I already have the next line of thoughts as they would proceed, I would certainly take your inputs to shape up may be a different line :)


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