Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Future Why are you Suddenly Dark

Sitting with my Soul
I was crying it foul
Becacuse I dunno why
Today I am too shy

I am shy for my future
That my Past has to nurture
But the future is not showing
Its all dark not glowing

What mistake I made
If you tell I would be glade
I asked my own life
Why showing me the knife

Life came with own explanations
Full of various esclamations
But still failed to mark
Why my future seems to be Dark

Man Maketh the World?

I saw in the news a feature
About a small living creature;
Killed it was, without any cause,
Without a thought about its loss.

Then I saw a documentary
And heard the full commentary
About man and his cruelty,
Destroying things, not knowing their utility.

It came to me in a sudden flash,
That all man does is to clash;
When he can be a cannibal,
Why can’t he kill a poor animal!

One day in order to quench his thirst,
Would he be draining away the ocean?
Upto the level of the crust,
Would he be snatching away life portion?

Nothing would be left then,
This world, a dessert barren,
This is not for what we strive,
Not this for what we crave.

This day, let us take a vow
Into Mother Nature shall we sow
The roots of an atmosphere serene
Revitalizing the environment green.

Words spoken from your mouth cannot be taken back;
If you can’t, don’t give; but take not life of others.

By Vaibhav Bhandari

Ocean of Love

Those eyes mesmerize me
Those eyes surprise me
When I look in those eyes
The time just seizes to fly

Those are the pair of eyes
That make my heart skip a beat
Those are the pair of eyes
Looking in which is a visual treat

When I look in those eyes
I see an Ocean of Love
I feel as if she is my Dove
And the time seizes to fly

Monday, May 30, 2011

When I wanted to Say "I Love You"

I was speechless
had no words
my breath went nill
my heartbeat was still

it all happened to me
when I went on my knee
to propose to my beloved
and to say I love you

When I went home
went under the holy dome
thought a lot for why
why was my tongue dry

Thought a lot why
looked up at the sky
went on a round
to know why

But there was a blind
not the one that was kind
I was all but clear
to get pretty near

I don't know why it happened me
when I was down my knee
to express my love to thee
to propose my to be


टूटना तो आइने की किस्मत है
आपकी खूबसूरती कि ये एक खिदमत है
सोचता हूँ इस मोड पर आकर
क्यूँ ना आपसे ये सवाल करूँ
कि कहीं किसी मुकाम पर
क्या कभी किसी पथ्थर को तराशा है
यूँ देखिये कि शीशे की मूरत नहीं बनती
पथ्थर तराश इंसान इबादत करते हैं

Destiny of Love - Part IV - Final Part

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Words From Thoughts: Destiny of Love - Part III

Nishant was operated and his face was reconstructed, his eyes were operated and that ensured that he could see and he started with Physiotherapy to get strength back in his body.  He was quite happy to see Sonal by his side.  Dr Simran and Hari were also helping them in the ways they could and Sonal had a family away from her own family in form of Dr Simran and Hari Batra.  Soon Nishant also shifts to their house and shows all the more improvements excluding his speech.

But one fine day wen Hari was out of town and Dr. Simran and Sonal were at Work, Nishant simply vanishes from home.  The House Maid calls up Dr. Simran and tells her that Nishant is missing.  Dr Simran informs Sonal and they rush out to first lodge a Missing Compliant with Police and then reach home to understand from the House Maid about the things that were pre-cursers to Nishant's disappearing act.

As they reach home, they see Hari sitting with Nishant and Nishant telling him by the way of gestures that "He is not worth to be the life partner of Sonal, he knows that Sonal loves him a lot, but he does not want to spoil her life and that's why he wanted to just disappear from the scene.  He does not want to trouble her for life as he wudn be able to see her in pain with his disability."

As Nishant completes his explanation in Sign language, Sonal walks to him and tells him back in Sign language "I love you and I know your Speech will take time to be back, but I am not worried about that.  To ensure that you don't feel that you will not be able to explain your points to me, I have started learning the sign language and this is just for I love you." Nishant gets up and hugs her as Dr. Simran and Hari look on while holding each other's hand.

I hope you people would have liked the story.
please do let me know how did you like the story.......

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Destiny of Love - Part III

If you have not read the Part I and Part II please read them at -

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In the Hospital, Nishant goes through the tests and it is identified that he has lost his speech and his sight.  He can hear, but body movement is also very limited.  Dr. Simran has no other choice but to keep him under observation, with least improvement in him. She is still hopeful of improvement and has got the backing of her Husband Hari, who is paying all the dues of the Hospital for almost 8 months now.

Sonal one of these days gets intimation from her office that she would have to travel to Delhi to conduct few sessions on PR and Soft Skills.  Sonal was elated that she would get the chance to visit Delhi and spend some time in locating Nishant's whereabouts.  She informs Nishant's Parents too.

Sonal reaches Delhi and reports in to her office in Delhi. She was handed over a list of clients for which the PR and Soft Skills sessions were to be conducted.  She scans the list and the first client was Anglo American Institute of Medical Sciences, where she was to meet Dr. Simran.  Sonal Calls p Dr Simran and fixes up an appointment with her to discuss the session details.

Sonal reaches Anglo American Institute of Medical Sciences and walks towards Dr. Simran's Cabin.  She knocks at the door and waits for Dr. Simran to call her in.  Dr. Simran walks in from the other side and they greet each other, Sonal introduces herself and Dr Simran escorts Sonal in her cabin.  As they settle down, one of the Attendants rushes in to Dr. Simran's cabin telling her about the few additional reports for Nishant.  Dr. Simran tells Sonal to be seated while she would be gone to check the reports.  Sonal waits for Dr. Simran to return.

When Dr. Simran returns, Sonal out of curiosity asks about the patient and Dr. Simran updates her with the case.  Sonal says, can she visit the patient and see how do attendants tackle with such cases so that it would be easier for her to prepare for the sessions.  Dr Simran agrees to her point and they walk to Nishant's room.  They keep discussing the Sessions as well as the case.  As they enter Nishant's room, Sonal get shock of her life to see the love of her life lying helpless, Dr Simran looks at her and thinks she is traumatized. Traumatized indeed was Sonal and Dr. Simran and attendants get her back to Dr. Simran's cabin.  There after being consoled for sometime, Sonal breaks down and blurts out her story stating that the patient is none other than love of her life and his name is Nishant.

Dr. Simran tells her that Nishant is a fighter and today after she stepped in he has shown improvement, so she offers Sonal to join Anglo American Institute of Medical Sciences as a PR executive and that way Sonal would be closer to Nishant all the time.  Sonal agrees and resigns from her job and joins Anglo American Institute of Medical Sciences, She also informs Nishant's as well her parents of the Nishant's case.  She performs her job responsibilities during her work hrs and starts attending to Nishant for the rest of the time. Nishant starts showing the required improvements where he could be operated to get him to a better shape.

Still there is more to go....I know but next part is worth the wait.

And They Say Cricket is Gentleman's Game

From the time I have known Cricket, sledging in the game has been associated as one of the key tactical activity.  Yeah generally its been the fielders around the Batsman who have been the culprits to get into the act of sledging.  Certainly Bowlers have to snare at the Batsman after every delivery that leaves Batsman far and Wide from his Shot selection.

I was not born in the era of Sir Don Bradman though or have not known if Cricket was clean before I started understanding the game.  But certainly from the time I remember, the sort of sledging that goes between the players, it can't be a Gentleman's game. No way!!!!

However, I understand that sledging is used as a tactic aimed at unsettling the Batsman by breaking his concentration, so may be we may tend to discount that part.  But how about the On Field misdemeanor by the players, how about abusive behavior against the officials and how about the disrespect towards the Ground Staff?  Certainly these can't be taken as a Gentleman's Behavior.

I would not go too far, I would just bring up the incident that happened after recent IPL match between RCB and RR where RR lost to RCB by 10 wickets.  Now as per the reports Mr. Warne used abusive language with Rajasthan Cricket Board Official Mr Dixit.  Now this certainly is uncalled for under any circumstance and moreover, the only NOT SO Favorable thing that Mr. Dixit did was Not to heed to Mr. Warne's message of getting a favorable pitch for the match, the one with low and slow bounce.  Ah How Convenient Mr. Warne, if you want to win the match, with them with your game and not by asking favors.  So what if it was your Last IPL Match.  Totally an UnGentleman behavior and an act of dishonesty, that too when you were the Captain of the Team Rajasthan Royals. Mr. Warne you need to understand that Rajasthan is known for the respect it showers on others and am sure you must have experienced it.  Rajasthan is known for its Honesty and Pride, and after your act, I am sure you wouldn't even understand what that means.

But yeah this incident again proves - Cricket is certainly not the game of Gentlemen any more. And if you think, please look back at the Betting and Match Fixing Saga, or do I need to elaborate that for you?? Am sure Not (wink)

Destiny of Love - Part II

If you have not read the Part I, please read it here - Words From Thoughts: Destiny of Love - Part I

When Sonal couldn find Nishant at the number she had called up, She calls up Nishant's parents, who at first were delighted to hear from her, but soon their happiness turned to sorrow as they got to know that Nishant is not contactable at the given number.  Though they were expecting his call, but they had initially shrugged it for his tired state after traveling.  Knowing this even Sonal panicked and they decided to move their resources to find where Nishant was.

On the other hand, as Nishant had left for his guest house, but was quite unlucky to have met an accident due to the Drunken Driving by some unknown lad. There he was lying in the pool of his own blood and the car was totally smashed.  The Drivers of both the cars were also lying in the pool of blood.  Loads of people around watching the pathetic site, but no one to help them as the cops arrive at the scene.  As the cops remove the bodies from the Cars, the drivers are declared dead and Nishant was identified as still alive.  The cops were trying to figure out what to do if they have to save Nishant, when a Car stops in the Emergency lane and a beautiful female steps out from the car.  She approaches the Cops and asks them, what's the dilemma?  The cops update her and ask her who is she.  She pull out her Identity Card and tells them that she is "Dr. Simran Batra", Head of Casualty Department with the Anglo American Institute of Medical Sciences and she tells them that they can shift the Injured immediately to her Hospital.  Cops swing to action and they follow her to her Hospital.

In the hospital, Nishant is treated immediately and is moved to ICU.  Nishant is totally surrounded by the medical equipments and under constant observation.  Dr. Simran goes back to her Cabin after attending to Nishant and just to relax when she hears a knock at her door and a well dressed man walks into her cabin.  She tries to give him a smile and he comes over to her giving her a hug and tell her "I am pretty happy at the bold step My Sweet Heart has taken, and I am sure you gonna save his life as you had done when you met me first time and I was treated by you".  Simran answers, "Thank you Harish, I would first look at him being out of danger and there are a lot tests to be conducted.  He has got multiple injuries including severe impact on his head. He is under observation and we have to wait till he stabilizes." She adds, "btw why did my hubby dear came straight here from the airport? Ain't he tired to head home and take rest?" Hari replies "Well I was missing my Dearest Wifey and the driver told me about the good deed, I thought, I should see her first and then head home." with this he gives a peck on her forehead and leaves.

Days pass by as the family of Nishant is searching out and they had almost lost all the hope to find Nishant and the Cops in Delhi and the Hospital authorities were also in dilemma as to how do they publish the pic of Nishant in newspaper to find his family.  Nishant's whole face was damaged due to shattered glass and his face was totally covered with bandages due to that.  Cops used to visit Dr. Simran daily to take note of the case and one of these days, one of the attendants of ICU came to her cabin and told her that Nishant has shown some body movements. Dr Simran runs to the ICU and immediately checks the updates on the various reports from the medical devices and takes a deep breath to declare that he is out of danger.  Now they can go ahead and conduct the next level of tests on him.

Then Dr Simran tells her staff to prepare for various tests and conduct the tests in a series.  He moves back to her cabin and updates Cops that Nishant is out of Danger, but is still not in a state to give his statement.  Cops thank her and leave.

On the other side, Sonal as well as Nishant's parents were totally devastated.  They had no clue of what happened with Nishant as it was already more than 2 mths that he was missing.  Nobody had answer to any of their question.  Sonal, however was still hopeful and used to talk to Nishant's parents regularly giving them the hope that they will find Nishant one day.

So now that Nishant is saved, what would Happen Next?
Think and Do let me know, while I take this forward ;)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Destiny of Love - Part I

Born on the same day with a gap of few hrs, they were neighbors and were brought up together. They grew up together, joined the same school together and they loved each others company. Their Parents never has any objection to them playing, studying and doing most of their work together.  That's how the Life of Nishant and Sonal was.  However, there was the first time they felt that they are going to miss each other, wen Nishant's father got transferred to another city and where they thought, their life would come stand still.  But, somehow they had to come to the terms.  Both of them still went with their routine of studies and other activities and spending at least an hr daily talking to each other and ensuring that they help each other in the manner they could.  I could actually smell the Love blossoming between them.

But it so seems that the Destiny was not happy with their closeness and it played devil again.  This time when both of them got admitted to different Engineering Colleges in different cities and Sonal's father getting transferred to a remote location, where other than the good old govt. post, there was nothing else.  The communication got snapped and they both lost the touch, and with the new environment, new friends and challenges in the studies, they lived on.  Though they still missed each other, they used to aimlessly gaze the stars thinking "One Day", we would be back together and life moved on for both of them.

They finished their colleges and they moved in to higher studies and complete their MBA.  It was the first day of their College in LA, when Nishant was hurrying towards his lecture room when he collided with a girl and their books fell.  They both apologized to each other and Nishant went into a trance listening the sweet voice of the beautiful girl he collided with.  However, they collected the books and went in the lecture room to find only one seat that could accommodate two.  They shared the seat and the day went on.  In the evening, Nishant approached the girl and told her that he thought they have met somewhere, the girl replied "Old School Trick Dude, This is my first time in states." Nishant tells her that her eyes, her voice and her features resemble a very old friend of his, may be this is why, he thought they have met.earlier.  He however apologizes and asks her name, telling his own "Nishant Raj Singh".  She on hearing the name looks right in the eyes of Nishant and blurts out her name "Sonal Suryavanshi".

One could see the love in their eyes when they hug each other as if there would be no tomorrow. They however pull themselves out from their hug and holding hands walk away from the place. I guess the destiny got them back together.  They were again the Inseparable duo from then on.  Things were all rosy for them when suddenly they find that their end term has started and soon they would both be headed back to India.  On the Final day of the final paper, in the party hosted by the fellow students, Nishant bows down on his knees holding Sonal's hand and looking right in her eyes says "I love you Sonal, I have loved you from the day I know you!!!, Would you Marry Me???" Sonal, with tears in her eyes node in affirmative and hugs him saying "What made you to say it so late, I have been waiting to hear this for ages I know."

So they head back together to India, where Sonal got her job in Mumbai as a PR Executive and Nishant in Delhi in the same capacity.  They reached Delhi and Nishant hugs her back giving details of his Office as well as Guest House and phone number.  He also shares the address and contact of his parents. Then Nishant takes her leave and sets off to his Guest House.  Sonal takes another flight to Mumbai and when she reaches Mumbai, she calls for Nishant on the given number, only to find that Nishant never reached that location........

What happens Next??? Try giving me some clues on what you think and I would continue in my next post (wink) (wink)

Wanna Read Part II?? read at  Words From Thoughts: Destiny of Love - Part II

Friday, May 27, 2011


Last Night I looked from the window
I saw a lean and pretty shadow
The Silhouette stood so tall
I could see the writing on the wall

When I took a closure look
It turned to be leaf from life’s book
I was a little afraid to read it
For I was scared to fall in the pit

I had been there and done that
Now was a time to bell the cat
I had to learn from a Sage
To avoid the Nest and Cage

But there was no control on the Heart
For the aim of the looks was on Dart
I decided to play by the hook
Not letting the life be the crook

Last Night I looked from the window
I saw a lean and pretty shadow
It stood so tall in the meadow
The figure made me to bow

I fell in love for it was so nice
I was ready to pay any price
To make it a reality of life
To propose her to be my wife

Thursday, May 26, 2011

मोहब्बत का परवाना

हमने दो लफ्ज क्या कहे इश्क पर
कि दुनिया ने हमें यूँ सुनाया
न हम सोच सके कि क्या है खता हमारी
कि काँटों से हमारी सेज को सजाया
ना जानते थे कि वो लफ्ज हमारे
करेंगे हमें इस कदर रुसवा
कि बेआबरू कर हमें
यूँ जार जार करेगी दुनिया
कैसे कहें उनसे हम अपनी कहानी
कैसे बयां करें हाल-ऐ-जिंदगानी
क्या कहें कि क्या दर्द है इस दिल में
कि कैसे नासूर है दबे इस दिल में
कैसे हमनें संभाला है इस बेजुबान को
जब इसनें इश्क का कलमा पढ़ा
कैसे उबारा हमनें इस दिल को
जब इसनें मोहब्बत के दरिया में डूबना चाहा
कैसे थामा हमनें इस दिल को
जब इसनें प्यार का इकरार किया
कैसे सवानरी है हमनें ये जिंदगी
जब इस जिंदगी नें हमें खाकसार किया
ना समझों हमें इश्क की गलियों में नादाँ
कि हमारे ही आंसुओं ने इस गली को आबाद किया
कि हमारे दिल ने डूब दरिया में गहराई को नापा है
कि हमारे दिल ने दर्द के समंदर का तूफ़ान देखा है
खुशी तो इसनें छोड़ दी थी दोस्त की चाहत में
रांझे से ज्यादा इसनें इस जमीन पे प्यार फेंका है
फिर भी ये दिल न पागल हुआ न दीवाना
ये तो बना मोहब्बत कि शमा पर कुर्बान एक परवाना

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

To Do or Not To Do

The famous Shakespearean Quote is often put to play by one part of our mind and the other part that dwells on Logic tells us to chuck the Dilemma and move on with life.  And most of us negate the Logical part and dwell in the Dilemma and kick out the Logic from our mind.  So humane and so natural it seems. But ever do we think that its more human to dwell with logic?  The fact is that the human brain is the most complex set of neurons and nerves than the most advanced Super Computer can ever be.  The human brain processes information at much faster a speed than the fastest Super Computer can ever.  Still the human brain is the least utilized part of the human body.  An average human being uses less than 5% of brain. That's another matter though!!

The point here is when we get in the dilemma, we often give in to the feelings that we have than the logic.  I have not been able to understand as to WHY?  I do not see why we give in to feelings when there is NO logic involved?  Well yes one such instance is of liking someone and getting the feel that one is in love!!!!  The one thing that I have not been able to understand in this case is "What is Love? and What is the Logic behind being in Love?"  I have always experienced love as the state of mind when the mind stops working on the logic and keeps asserting on the thoughts or say memories that one spends with someone.  I have not been able to establish the Love to Logic relevance. There are similar other instances in life when one find feelings ruling over Logic. 

So, what is the way out of giving away to Dilemma and letting the feeling prevail than logic?  There is no absolute answer, but the way one should work it out s to resort to "Expert Opinion". Interesting ain't it?  "Expert Opinion", so who is the Expert here??  Well the answer is as simple as the complexity of the question.  A third party who does not have any feelings associated with the situation and who can think Logically is the Expert here.  The third party involved would know the case as an outsider and will be the best person to be the Devil's Advocate to help you think logically.

To be honest, I have never been able to understand the Logic that people try to put behind the Dilemma they often get into.  The point is pretty clear for me, if it 1 and 1 its 1 that is if its Logical to do, its going to be fruitful and in every other case its going to be Not so Fruitful.  Its the AND gate Logic that works for me in the case I have to decide between Yes or No.  And I am pretty convinced that it works for me as it never proved otherwise!!!

Are you thinking "To Agree or Not To Agree"??? Eh I bet you are as you going to read this again and try to decide to Disagree with what I wrote..... ;-) (wink)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

LIfe - Good, Bad and Ugly

Sitting in the comfort of our home, we love to look at the various perspectives of life and we love to poke our intelligence at each of the perspectives.  What we usually talk about is the Ugly perspective of life.  What otherwise would be termed as Bitching!!!.  Yeah we seldom look at the Prettier or the Good side of the life; Most of us most of the times Crib on this went against me or that went against my wishes. But seldom do we look at the greener pasture that is on the same side as we are.

Yeah, I know most of the readers would think "grass is always greener on the other side!!! or so it seems." But why don't we look at the greenery on our side?? Why do we have to look on the other side of the fence?? Why are we always cribbing about our life?? Argghhhh, dismay is what hits me when I try to dwell for these answers for the people around me.  Some people can't look at the positive side of the life, I am not sure why?? and do I care, often Yes and that's the sad part to what the mostly positive outlook I try to bring to my own life.

I have had enough ups and downs in the life, and why not should I relish the ups and learn from the downsides?? They are the integral part of the life, something that spices the life and manages to bring on the variety.   I can't think of the days when everything around me would be rosy as I fear that I would be bored with the monotony of the Life then.  If everything would go my way then the spices of life would dry out and I wouldn't understand whether I am happy or not, as I would forget how does it feel to be Sad.

I remember when I was in College and preparing for the August 15 flag hosting ceremony when I was tying the flag in the manner to prepare it for hoisting.  I was sitting in a very awkward position with whole of my body weight on my left leg, for I could not have put much weight on my right one (I was still recovering from the after effect of an accident where my thigh suffered compounded fracture).  On the instance , the one question that came my way was from the Director of the Institute and it was "How do I feel when I look at my Basketball Career getting ruined due to the accident?"  I thought Yeah "The erstwhile University Player!!", but my answer was - "Well Sir, does it matter whether my Basketball Career got ruined in a Cricket Crazy Nation?  But, when I look at the ruined career, I see a bright future for myself in Academics and Corporate World."  

Trust me, the Director was astonished at the answer.  He looked at me with disbelief and he was dumb-folded for I guess he didn't expect that answer from a 19 year old kid, who had a near fatal (yeah I didn't die as I am still writing this post) accident at that age. He was dumb-folded for the guy answering him had his femur crushed, had the cerebral fluid shifted to left  hemisphere of his cerebrum, had a hairline fracture in this skull and just that....  Certainly, i laugh at that incident whenever I remember that.  Its been almost 16.5 years from then and I am still live and kicking the world with the same right foot.

So coming back to the point, Why Crib?  When Every Problem comes with a Solution within it? Why Crib when we can use the same energy to channelize the execution of the Solution footprints? Why Crib when we can resolve the issues with same sort of efforts and resources that we waste in Cribbing?

If I were to help you get over your problems and get going with the life as usual, I would tell you to stop looking at the Bad and Ugly part of the life and thank god for what you got in your life.  If you want to look at the Bad and Ugly part of the life, then first look at those who don't even get two meals a day, leave apart a peaceful sleep in the A/C room.  But, still they sleep peaceful because they know they have to work the very next day for their livelihood.  Thank god for the life you got as a human being and thank god that you got all your senses working.  Look at the positive side of the life and look at the Good part of life that you got much better life than almost 50% of your fellow countrymen.

Yeah the first thing that I would make you do is to Stop Cribbing about Loss of Love for what you lose was never meant to be your.  You were not destined to get that love that you think was your property.  My point would be "With an Attitude towards Self Respect tell yourself that your Ex did not deserve you.  Rather than repenting on the Loss of Love, celebrate on the Good Fortune God has showered on you by taking that thorny bush out of your life"

One thing, it doesn't cost must to be positive and live an optimistic life, but it does cost peace of life and a lot of Metal Equilibrium to be negative and Pessimistic in Life!!!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Compilation of few Words as Exchanged

Just a few minutes back, I wrote a Poem for which the catalyst was another post that I read. The post is written by a beautiful and sweet friend of mine. And she is the one who writes few words here and there to act as catalyst for my brain to generate the thoughts and give shape to the poems that I have been posting off recently.  And let me give her Due Credit for being the Source of Inspiration for me.

There had been few exchanges that we often have with each other and they can be well collated as one nice Lyrics.  Here I am putting them up for the wider Audience to enjoy the creativity -
कि पंक्तियाँ कुछ यूँ लिखी हैं की रोक नहीं पाओगे
कुछ यूँ लिखी है की बंद किताब सी पढ़ नहीं पाओगे

सुनना चाहेंगे हम कुछ आपकी ही जुबां से
कि नाम आँखों से हम यूँ ही नहीं पढ़ पाएंगे

जुबां हमारी से क्या सुनिएगा ऐ हुज़ूर
ये तो सिर्फ आरज़ू बयां करती हैं
ध्यान इस बात का कीजिएगा
कि ये तो सिर्फ हया अर्ज करती हैं

जुबां से वही कहिये ऐ शब्दों के मालिक
वो शब्द जो ये दिल-ऐ-नादाँ समझना चाहे
कि हम यूँ शब्दों को नहीं सुनते ऐ जानिब
हम तो धडकनों की आहट सुन लिया करते हैं

धड़कने हमारी आह पर भी हाल-ऐ दिल बयां नहीं करती
ऐ राहगुजर ये फकीर का दिल है किसी शायर की कलम नहीं

दिल फकीर का हो या शायर का, ज़ज्बात तो दोनों में होते हैं
कुछ जुबां से कहें कुछ आँखों से, कि कुछ दिल में छुपाए बैठे हैं

शायर का दिल तो ज़ज्बातों से मौसिकी को राह दिखता है
और दिल फकीर का खुदा की इबादत में डूबा जाता है

I hope this compilation would make a good creative reading...signing out with the hope to hear from all who read it....

Last night when it rained

Last night when it rained
I had all but one in my sight
When I looked around
It rubbed salt to the wound
When it rained last night
I had all but one in sight
Walking through the shades
I remembered thy's escapades
The one to bring smile
The one as deep as nile
Last night walking in the rain
I had in my heart some pain
The pain of losing someone
The pain of missing someone
Last night when it rained
It was the darkness I gained
I am still perturbed
I am a lot disturbed
Trying a lot to unthink
The charisma of thy's pink
Last night when it rained
I think I should have turned a Saint

खुशी - खुदा की नेमत

खुशी ना ढूंढ तू अपनी किसी तमन्ना में
कि दर्द ही मिलता है इस गली जाने से
ना कर तू रोशनाई को इस कदर परेशाँ
कि हो जाए स्याह ये खून तेरे जिगर का
खुशी ढूंढनी है गर तुझे कहीं ऐ बंदे
तो जा तू खुदा के घर उसकी इबादत में
खुशी गर तुझे मिलनी है कहीं ऐ बंदे
तो जा तो उस परवरदिगार के आलम में
ना ढूंढ खुशी किसी और के दमन में
कि छुपी है ये तेरे अपने ही आँगन में
उठ, जाग और बढ़ा अपने कदम
कर इबादत खुदा की, पा उसकी नेमत

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


तिनका तिनका जोड़ आशियाँ यूँ सजाना
ना हो कोई रुसवा न रहे कोई कहीं तन्हा
ख्वाबों को भी कुछ इस कदर सजाना
की आँखों की राह ना टूटे दिल का अफसाना 

ऐ राहगुजर, राहगीर में ना ढूंढ हमसफ़र
कि राह से यूँ  बेगार बेवजह ना गुजर
जीना मरना तो इस कायनात का खेल है
इसे तू अपनी आह से ना जोड़ राहगुजर
तिनका तिनका जोड़ आशियाँ यूँ सजाना
कि हर राहगुजर तेरे ही आशियाँ को ताके
तिनका तिनका जोड़ आशियाँ यूँ सजाना
ना हो कोई रुसवा न रहे कोई कहीं तन्हा


रे मनवा न सुन तू इस जग की
बना घरोंदा बुन इन तिनको को
नहीं व्यर्थ होगा परिश्रम तेरा
नहीं कोई इसमें समय का फेरा

प्रेम न तू अपने स्वप्न से कर
कि स्वप्न तो आते हैं अंधियारे में
रे  मनवा बना घरोंदा तू तिनकों से
और पा फल तू अपने परिश्रम से

भटक न होकर निराश हार से
कि पथरीला अत्यंत ये पथ तेरा
होना न निराश स्वप्ना बिखरने से
कि है बहुत संघर्ष इस जीवन में

ध्यान रख रे मनवा तू इस बात का
कि ना जग झूठा न स्वप्ना तेरा
रे मनवा बना घरोंदा अपना तिनको से
कि पथ से उठ पथ्थर उसका रखवाला बने

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Petrol Prices - What are we trying to Achieve?

The Petrol Prices hiked up once again and this time they have been steep Rs. 5/liter.  I am totally unable to understand the hike, as the International Crude Prices went down by $10/barrel.  For me the hike immediately after the poll win of 3-2 by the ruling UDF seems to be the Rude shock to the electorate.  I mean when the Crude was really high, but polls were looming, the Govt. seemed to have kept the price hike by State Owned Oil Marketing firms in check. Now just the day after the hike is a jolt.

I am not sure if the Govt. has gone around to get the calculation right in this case that the hike per liter would result in monthly outflow of Rs. 1000/- straight up on the petrol expenses (calculated at avg 5 liter usage per day costing Rs. 750 + Taxes + Surcharge + Education Cess).  Added to this would be the other cases that would add to the Inflation and that would mean another increase in monthly budget by approximately 10%.  So who is going to be the most affected with this hike?  Certainly the Middle Class Salaried Indian.

Indian Middle Class Salaried Indian, the आम आदमी, who pays the tax to the tune of 50 to 60 percent of the Salary earned.  I know it seems to be exaggerated statement, but again if you calculate the Income Tax + Tax on every Re spent, it would turn out to be what I stated as 50 to 60 percent.

Now when the Middle Class is already burdened so much with Tax, just imagine the hit the monthly budget would take when the price hike is at Rs 5/mth. Certainly something that is not at all justifiable.  The Government as it seems is trying to divert the attention of the Electorate and the opposition from some major issue that is being dealt by the Govt where the opposition might have taken the Govt on task.  

However, the Govt needs to understand that with the price hike that it has went on for after beating the Left Front out of power in two strong hold states, will hit the ruling party's comeback spree real bad for the points mentioned above.  The Govt. must understand that when the Congress is trying to woo the electorate in UP, the hike would go a lot against it and the Ruling Party in UP can use this against Congress.

The Hike in petrol prices is going to hit the pocket of the Common Man and at the same time take away a bog portion of Electorate Popularity away from the UDF and Congress in particular.  The Common Man will find a way out to adjust the Monthly Budget by cutting certain expenses, but Congress and the members in UDF will have to go long way to reverse the negative impact on the Electoral Base they are going to Lose.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Land Grabbing or Acquisition - The Political Drama

Not too sure how to address the latest Drama being staged in the Greater Noida Area, where the farmer agitation against forced Land Grabbing oops Acquisition by the UP Govt is going on.  Well it was certainly a twist that the Young Leader from Congress gets into the scene from somewhere and sympathizes with the farmers. Listening to their plight and seeing their condition goes ahead and makes a Statement that included the words "I am ashamed to be Indian".  Well, if you are then better retire from politics and be the guest of the country to leave it.  The Particular Political Leader must be Ashamed of making such statement.

Ah, but the saga doesn't end there, the particular political leader breaches the Security Cordon and reaches the ground zero, am not sure how could a person with SPG cover can breach the Security Cordon, was the State Police Sleeping, am not sure though I doubt if they were awake :)).  Then the High Profile Drama of Arrest and release happens.

But what is the outcome? Nil, as the farmer's agitation got lost in this whole set of Political Gimmick.  The coverage that Farmer's Agitation must have otherwise got is all lost.  People could even understand why the farmer's resorted to agitation against the UP Government?  Yeah, they do know that the farmer's have some trouble, but what?? No Idea!!!!

Media too in place of covering Farmer's Agitation covered the high profile Political Drama as it would raise their TRP, yeah they are in the business of TRP so as to mint money.

Oops, I forgot that I too am committing the same mistake of writing about the high profile political drama rather than the main issue of Legal Land Grabbing by the UP State Government from the Farmer's. UP State Government calls it as Land Acquisition though.  But why the UP Government is not ready to pay the farmers the real market price of the Land it is Grabbing or as they say Acquiring? and Why is the Government Grabbing / Acquiring the Land in the First Place?  Is it not that the Builder Lobby or the Industrialists want Land at favorable prices and are ready to pay-off for the deal?  Isn't it that the amount that should swell the Government Treasury is going to swell some political leader's pocket or may be party's election fund might swell :))

The plight of the Farmer's in Greater Noida area is of Not getting the right price for their Land.  Moreover, if that Land is gone, which certainly seems to be the Agricultural Land, Farmer's would have much work to do.  It would also add to the ever lowering Agricultural produce and that would mean increased cost of food products, resulting in increased cost of living. That would mean higher rate of Inflation and weaker Economic Scenario.

What Government should rather do is to talk to the Farmer's, offer them the right market price and Acquire land from only those Farmer's who wish to part their piece of Land. Another things that Government can do is to then re-allocate the Land in  a Fashion that the Land that is required by the Builder / Industry Lobby could be clubbed on one side and all the Agricultural Land (Farmer owned) can be consolidated on the other side.  This would certainly help the cause of Farmers as well as ensure that there is clear demarcation between the Industrial / Agricultural Land.

Though I don't think that the issue would be that easily resolved.  We would have to wait and watch from here as to whether the Farmers succeed to get their demand fulfilled or they accede to the Government Power and Pressure....As for the Political Drama over this I would conclude by saying "The Show Must Go On" and Let the"Political Drama Carry On"...

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Working Through Beaureucracy

I am not sure about the things in past, but from where I see today, people are not ready to work and they just love to pass the work and buck on others.  I am not sure why the people are shedding the responsibility in the manner they do and the way they do? 

Early this year when I visited campuses for recruitment drive, I was really shocked at the state of affairs with the Professional Colleges and Institutes on the way they groom the students these days.  The answers that the candidates appearing in the interviews provided were no where reflecting their knowledge, but yeah they were surely reflecting the materialistic thinking they developed.  Out of Almost 200+ students I interviewed during that spree and almost 600+ students whom I interacted with then, there were less than 30 who had a clear focus in their life and who were ready to take on the challenge and responsibility in their life.

Pretty recently when I was engaged in collating some information for some work I was handling, I went through a Nightmare of my life.  I was directed and redirected from one person to another and from one department to another.  The entire request and followup mail chain went to almost a size of a Novel, still I didn't get the requisite information.  Every person I spoke to (though could have answered the set of questions right then and there) just made a statement "This is not my area of Responsibility and Person X is the right person to look at it".  I was astonished to the core and I was irritated to the extent of blasting out the set of people I had been trying to collate information from.

Today when I stand and look at the situation, well I am back at square one, nobody has an idea as to who would do it and nobody wants to take the responsibility of doing it.  This just reminds me of the old time story of Somebody, Anybody and Nobody who used to be working together and when Somebody was given a task to perform that Anybody could have done, Nobody ended doing it. 

I guess this will be the case as we move forward in our life where people would look a things materialistic and with Narrow vision or Short Sighted approach.  May be that's where the world is headed and that is what my experience is telling me. Right from the Education Institutes to the Corporate Corridors, we are headed to the Narrow Lanes of Applying our knowledge!!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Is this Double Speak

Its been two days that the news channels have been telecasting "Osama killed" in Abbottabad in Pakistan.  Sounds strange though, but it seems to be the truth.  People in US are happy, Americans world over are happy and why they shouldn't be?  The biggest terrorist of recent times is killed and in the words of President Obama "The Justice Has Been Done". 

But what is shocking is the location where Osama was identified to be living and was ultimately killed is just stone throw away from the Military Academy of Pakistan and couple from the capital city of Islamabad.  The claim by the authorities in Pakistan that they didn't know Osama was living there, is something that would not go down the throat easily. It is something that they need to come clean on.  Such a high profile terrorist living in Pakistan or moving around in Pakistan, and still the Authorities didn't know about it either means that its a lie or there had been a nexus within Pakistan's establishments who helped Osama with a Safe Heaven.

Another point that is will not be accepted by an average Indian is American Forces entering Pakistan and successfully completing the operation "Osama" when the American Authorities have been trying to tell India to restrain and to act in patience even after the Attack on Indian Democracy when Terrorists known to be hiding in Pakistan attacked Indian Parliament.  Every Indian would also remember the Brutal Events carried out by terrorists trained in Pakistan wen they carried out their act of terror in Mumbai on 26/11/2008. Who would forget the blasts in various parts of the country carried out by the Terrorist, again trained in the various Terror Camps in Pakistan. Who would forget that the Top 10 wanted in India including Dawood Ibrahim are in Pakistan.  Specifically ergarding Dawood Ibrahim, it is quite a well known fact that he has a well established business in Pakistan and operates from Karachi.

What is required now?  certainly Pakistan needs to come clean on the allegations of supporting terrorism by destroying all the terror camps and establishments operating from Pakistan.  They need to bring all the terrorist and terrorist their leaders to justice.  US on its part needs to step back and do an introspection on "Why should India not be Supported in its Anti-Terror Mission?", "Why should India act with Restrain when there are all the proof in world that its most wanted are enjoying Safe heavens in Pakistan?"

India on its part needs to step up the pressure on the US and the UN to Stop Shielding Pakistan. India must at the same time need to be more cautious as there might be stepped up Terrorist activities out of Frustration in the terrorist organization after killing of Osama.  India also needs to weigh its options carefully as Pakistan might not act against US for the want of regular Grants on which its economy thrives, but against India Pakistan would surely harbor the thought of detonating Nuclear Devices may be just to please those in Pakistan who nurture "Anti-India" movement.

What an average Indian needs to do - Watch the Developments, as we the Indians are more drawn fighting the day-to-day concerns rather than thinking on what and how the country's administration is working on various thing.  However it would be good to see more and more Indians Supporting any Action by Administration against Terrorism.  Even if it includes some discomfort to us for extended Security Measures at various Establishments.  After all, the administration is doing it for our security and to ensure that there is no repeat of 26/11 type incidents.  And if India decide to take a Military Action like US then the Indians should not shout against the decision, rather support in all the way they can support, just like they supported during Kargil War in 1999.