Monday, June 13, 2011

The Voicemail - Part II

Continued from Part I

As Palash was switching between the Channels, he received a call on his Landline again. palash Looks over at the caller ID and finding unknown number, he lets it play on the Voicemail.  He was least interested in tending a call from the unknown caller at 10 in the night.  As the Call shifts to Voicemail, the caller's voice is heard.  Palash was little surprised to note the same female's voice again.  Its just been 2 hrs from the previous call and there is yet another call.  As Palash thinks, the female voice is heard saying - "Hey Palash, I know you there avoiding my call, bu no worries, I would call you till you either answer my call or return the call. I know you like me, and let me tell you that I like you too.  I know that you have something hidden in you that's stopping you from coming forward and that's keeping me away from you."  Palash gets stunned at the audacity of the caller, though caller continues - "I am not going to leave my name in your Voicemail, you have to find out my name and you need to relate it to my number. I guess by now you would have well noted my voice and accent and would have been tracing through your mind about me. Trace on honey"

Palash just shrugs away the thoughts as the caller disconnects the call and he just get busy with his favorite TV show.  Palash sleeps over in his living room while watching the TV keeps on playing and a bit later, Hari comes to switch it off and the lights. As Hari looks over at Palash sleeping like baby, he just gets the blanket from Palash's bedroom and cover him.  Palash snuggles in the blanket.

Next day Palash gets up from sleep with the Sun rays waking him up and was amused that he slept in his Living room itself.  He gets up folds his blanket and moves to get fresh. He takes a long time to take a leisure shower, then performs the regular prayers and comes out of his room to be greeted by Hari with Breakfast ready for him.  As Palash settles to have the breakfast, his phone rings again and he gets up from the seat to answer the call.  He sees the same unknown number and is amazed at the perseverance of the caller, he presses the speaker phone button and answers the call -

Palash - "Hello"
Female Voice - "Hey Handsome"
Palash - "Hi, I see this is your third call from last night.  I was a lot tired last night and heard your voice messages this morning"
Female Voice - "Well, sweetheart, I would believe you for the way you devote your time at your work.  I have been hearing the praise from your team members quite often.  Though we have not met, but I like you."
Palash thinks, yeah so she is someone else and not Vidya. He replies - "Well, but you left a message stating I like you and I was not sure if we ever spoke.  Though your voice is familiar, but if you are saying we haven't met, I am puzzled as to who are you?"
Female Voice - "Now that's for you to find out.  I know you thought it was Vidya, but I am not Vidya.  Incidentally I and Vidya have similar voices and that was enough to confuse you."
Palash - "I am sorry Lady, if I don't know who you are, I don't think I have any business to talk to you.  This is the limit of indecency and even if it sounds rude, Take Care and don't bother yourself to call me." Palash disconnects the phone and adds the number to Barred numbers list.

Palash then sits down to have his breakfast.  His eyes simply reflecting the anger within him as he thinks that the female crossed all her limits to play a sort of prank on him.  He finishes his breakfast and shifts to play his favorite game on his Sony Playstation to vent out his anger.  As he plays the game, his expression of anger seems to be turning to a nice smile.  He was deeply engrossed in his game when the doorbell rings and Hari opens the Door to a Gorgeous Girl standing at the Doorway.....................

To be Continued

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