Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Voicemail - Part III - Final Part

Continued from Part II

The Girl walks in and Palash greets her - "Hey Apoorva, I wish you would have been a while earlier, we could have had breakfast together."  Apoorva replies - "Not a problem Palash, I had a nice breakfast at home and thought I can give you a visit, as its been some time that we met."  As she completes her words, she settles in the sofa. Palash and her get on with their routine talks while Hari brings in coffee for both.  While sipping the coffee Palash tells Apoorva - "Hey, there had been a girl calling me time and again since last night and when I heard her first, I thought it were Vidya with some prank. But she clarified in the last call that I apparently answered that she is not Vidya.  I am just surprised as to who is this girl who apparently has my landline number?" Apoorva smiles as Palash finishes his words and tells him if he deleted the voice messages or they are still there in his voicemail device?  Palash answers - " Oh Yeah they are very much there and I have not deleted them."

Palash moves over next to the voicemail device and replays the voice messages and just then his mobile rings, he looks at the unknown number and waves at Apoorva indicating that it is the same girl. As he answers the call, there was a silence followed from the other side, as he says - "Hello, excuse me, I told you.......", he hears his own voice coming from other part of the room where Apoorva was sitting.  He looks in that direction and sees a devilish smile on Apoorva's face. He looks at her in amazement with a question written all over his face.  Hari on the other side was all smiles while clearing the coffee mugs from the table. Palash also bursts out in laughter as he sees a mobile next to Apoorva and disconnects the call.  

Apoorva walks over to Palash hugs him and says - "I love you, how do I tell you that I always wanted to confess my love to you, but never had an idea as to how do I tell my stupid childhood friend that I have loved him from the time I can recall."

Palash hugs her back and says - "I love you too, but never knew about your feelings and always kept my feelings subdued"

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