Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Was She Playing? - Part II

Continued from Part I - Was She Playing

Though it had been Tapan's routine to come back from the office and still working on the Official Laptop, he thought of changing the routine and try to get out of his grim mood.  He thought to check the messages that might have overloaded his mails and the chats as he had not checked them for almost a month. Hoping that he would also hear from Shivangi, he heads to his study table and switches on his personal laptop and heads to make a coffee for himself. He was swamped with loads of feelings on what would be the case and what would be the situation with Shivangi in case he does not get a mail or message from her.  

He heads back to his study table and opens his mailbox to find almost 5 to 6 hundred mails and around 50 of them from Shivangi.  He starts starts his chat client and as he logs into it, he finds numerous messages from Shivangi almost on a daily basis.  He started wondering, as to if this girl can send mails and chat messages almost on a daily basis, why can't she call or send text messages on phone?  While thinking, he starts reading the messages on chat client and finds almost same set of Messages - "Hope you doing good!!" or "Where are you??"  He then switches to the mails and starts from the oldest mail to the newest.  As he reads on, his facial expressions change from puzzled to anger and as he reaches the last mail, his eyes almost start shedding tears.  

As he reads the lines - "I had been trying to get in touch with you to tell you that I have found someone whom I think I love and I wanted you to be the first person to know before even I propose to that guy. I thought of calling you the day I think I felt to be in love, but the destiny had some other idea and my phone got stolen from the grocery shop.  I tried getting in touch with you so many times through mails and chats, hoping that you would get back to me.  I am not sure why your calls dried all of sudden?  The calls from you were really part of my routine and they comforted me more than you can even think.  Please please please call me or at least send me a message or mail, but please let me know about your well being.  If your call have dried up for you have met someone special in your life, please share it to me.  I would be more than happy for you.  Also, if you remember this Saturday, that is day after is my birthday, so if you would make it to Shangrila, I would me delighted to be the host.  My friends and colleagues demanded this party and without you the party would be just incomplete."

Tapan reads the mail again and again and the expressions of hurt and anguish surface on his face.  He feels dejected.  He reads the last statements once again and finds that the mail was written just few hours before.  He clicks the reply link and writes "I will be there and I would ensure that I meet your Special Someone. I would not be able to call as I lost your contact information.  I had not checked my personal mails and chat messages for last month of so.  I would definitely be there to see you and wish you on your birthday."

Tapan completes his mail, sends it and simply closes his laptop.  Feeling depressed, dejected and aggrieved, he switches on his music system and just throws himself on the sofa comforter.

To Be Continued..........
So what do you guess would happen next and do you think the mails from Shivangi still indicate that she was playing.  Do you think Shivangi is still playing with Tapan's feeling?  What do you think is going in Shivangi's mind???

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